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B2B Tech Marketing in a Whirlwind: How are Leaders Weathering the Storm?

Imagine navigating a marketing strategy through 2023's economic rollercoaster. Inflation soared 190% since 2020, and profitability became a constant battle.

To understand how B2B tech leaders are adapting, we surveyed nearly 500 marketing executives across 5 regions. We analyzed their 2023 priorities, program performance, and their evolving strategies for 2024.

Here's a glimpse of what we found:

  • Nearly 80% Faced Economic Headwinds: The economic downturn impacted a significant portion of respondents (79%).
  • Funding Secured, Budgets Increased: Despite the challenges, 75% secured funding in 2023, and over half (55%) even increased marketing budgets, focusing on marketing and website tools.
  • Optimism Brews for 2024: The future looks bright – even more companies anticipate marketing budget increases in 2024.

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