LP Header The Engagement Equation How B2B Tech Marketers Are Creating and Delivering Content That Captivates in 2024

The Engagement Equation: How B2B Tech Marketers Are Captivating Audiences in 2024

Is your content strategy stuck in the past?

Content marketing has become a cornerstone of B2B tech marketing success. But simply creating content isn't enough anymore. Today's audiences crave high-quality, engaging content delivered through the right channels.

Our exclusive report dives deep into the latest trends, such as:

  • The significant increase in content creation - Nearly all businesses (92%) are creating more content than ever before.
  • How AI is transforming content creation - 81% of respondents are looking to leverage AI to automate tasks and improve efficiency.
  • The dominance of social media and video - Marketers are prioritizing building more social media (46%) and video (41%) for content distribution.

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