Finally, a communications and marketing results dashboard to deliver insights for marketing leaders.

Retire non-specific perceived value metrics such as “advertising equivalency” or “potential reach” with a software solution that shows both the results and impact they have on segmented website traffic, as well as other channels.

With MetricsMatter, marketing leaders can better optimize strategies, maximize resources, and take action based on real-time data. Designed for maximum visibility, the MetricsMatter application allows clients to import any marketing reports or dashboards with open APIs – giving them access to all critical marketing KPIs in one place.

MetricsMatter 4.0™ is a SaaS software that delivers updated results in real-time and allows individuals to isolate specific campaign results by selecting specific date ranges. Say goodbye to:  

  • Waiting for manual reports 

  • Updating static PowerPoint presentations 

  • Logging into multiple monitoring applications to get an overview of marketing programs 

Learn how our customers have revolutionized their reporting:  

"Finally, the communications industry is reporting on more than just monthly results and potential value. Now I can see which programs align with our marketing pipeline and budget. For instance, I can single out the media coverage that generated website traffic from those articles that do not attract new visitors, and advertising decisions are now very data driven." Anna Convery-Pelletier, CMO of Jumio
"MetricsMatter helps me define the business value the marketing campaigns and results have had and answer questions or generate slides directly from the application." Hiro Notaney, CMO of Jumio

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